If you haven’t dug into the unique brilliance of Arkane games, maybe Gurni, Megamatt, Mathodical, and Logiq can convince you. In this Arkane love fest we talk about Redfall, Dishonored, Prey, Deathloop, Weird West, Dues Ex, and what we’d like next for the studio after recent changes in leadership.

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A former modder started up what looks like a very promising indie team, which currently sits at 11 people from around the world, who are working on a very ambitious hybrid RPG. Inspired by Star Ocean, Twilight Star is the love child of Final Fantasy & Skyrim. Designed with the look and feel of a 90’s JRPG, this action-adventure game features fundamental mechanics from MMOs and level design inspired by open-world franchises like The Witcher & Dragon Age. What’s really unique is the game seamlessly lets you adjust between the hack and slack combat mechanics, or turn-based combat, allowing every gamer the chance to best this fantastical journey.

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We all know AI enemies aren’t always the brightest. Bullet sponges and high DPS bosses are sometimes lazy in design. Some games just don’t respect the intelligence of the player. What elements of game design make games difficult from a strategic, methodical perspective, and what makes stuff hard just to be hard? Join me, Matt, and Pillow and we dive into the world of difficulty from a unique perspective

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As gaming grows to new powerhouse heights, there are still significant hardware cost factors impacting the global market. In this episode, Mad, Keven, and I share some sales data and talk about the impacts that services like XCloud Gaming can have in making gaming more cost accessible. We’ll take about the potential future of GamePass & XCloud and analyze our thoughts on multiplatform changes, cross-platform subscriptions, and more.



Take a trip down nostalgia lane as me, Zwan, and Brad gush about our oldest memories of gaming and the original generations of consoles, arcades, and handhelds we admired throughout our youth. From what games we’d like to see brought back, what technical marvels we’ve seen over the decades, and what retro game every ‘today’s young kid’ needs to play. We’ll also talk about Blockbuster and Radio Shack if you’ve ever heard of such a thing.

What makes video games good is a subjective opinion determined on a case-by-case basis. But why is it so hard for the community to always be objectively fair? Join me, Logiq, Pucho, and Gurnico as we dig into the psyche of this polarizing dynamic. We’ll talk about influence, gameplay, consumer responsibility and Gurni finally asks the tough question of why I love Judy Alvarez

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Is Metacritic reliable? When is it OK to review bomb? How dangerous is the toxicity fueled by console wars? Is the competitive nature of gamers leading to these practices and behaviors? Join me, Logic, Madman, Lena, and Sicsyde as we dig into the fine line between banter and bullying.

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The Jedi Marketing Master. Sovereign storyteller. Monarch of messaging. Overload of influence. Commander of engagement.

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